Winter Healthy Foods | Top 10 Foods to Warm You Up During Fall

Winter Healthy Foods | Top 10 Foods to Warm You Up During Fall

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Winter Healthy Foods | Top 10 Foods to Warm You Up During Fall.
When weather gets cold, Eat these hot and spicy comfort foods to stay warm during the fall.

Cooked up warm oat meal with healthy foods topping can reduce bad cholesterol levels by 5 to 10%,

Hot chocolate drinks
Mix dark chocolate with milk, contain benefits of antioxidant and warms you during a cold day

Black bean soup
Black Bean Helps your supply oxygen to muscle and boost immune system during cold weather

Brussels sprouts
This Mini Cabbages Contain Vitamin C to Fight Cold during the Winter

Pumpkin soup
Warm pumpkin soup is great to eat during fall, also boost your vision with Vitamin A

Eat Spicy Foods to boost metabolism during cold weather

Adding Baked Avocado in Salad topping helps lower your bad cholesterol levels

Easy make as roasted snack in the fall, Contain Rich in omega-3 fat thought to boost heart health.

Baked apples to eat during fall, will help you stay hydrated.

Sweet potatoes
high in potassium to reduce risk of stroke and lower heart disease.

Ginger tea
Ginger has thermogenic agent can keep you warm,

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