Breakfast in Poland | Eating Polish breakfast in Krakow

Breakfast in Poland | Eating Polish breakfast in Krakow

Join us for breakfast in Poland as we visit Moment cafe to eat both traditional Polish breakfast items as well as a more contemporary menu in Krakow, Poland.

Still being on Kyrgyzstan time we woke up really early and by the time we got to the restaurant for breakfast we were really hungry. With that in mind we ordered a huge cappuccino, two fresh squeezed juices and two big mains which included a more traditional Polish breakfast with eggs, sausages, meats and cheeses and then a more contemporary twist with a bagel filled with cream cheese, trout and vegetables.

Overall, it was a delicious breakfast and if you’re in Krakow we highly recommend this place:

Moment Resto Bar  
Breakfast Restaurant
Address: Estery 22, 33-332 Kraków, Poland
Hours: 9AM-11PM daily
Phone: +48 668 034 000

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Breakfast in Poland | Eating Polish breakfast in Krakow travel food video transcript:

Well good morning good morning. Today we went in search of Polish breakfast and we ended up at the perfect spot. So we found this restaurant. It is called Moment. Or maybe it is Moment.

And they kind of specialize in breakfast so they have a Polish breakfast and a traditional Krakowski breakfast. Yes. So we’ve ordered one of each to see what the differences are.

And what is the local name for it?

So he said something like śniadanie Krakowski. śniadanie Polski.

But anyways we know we’re getting breakfast.

And someone has to start the mornings off right with coffee. Oh man, when I saw that they had big cappuccinos on the menu I’m like yep. Oh yeah. I could use one of those. And while Sam is getting caffeinated I’m having juice. All natural juice. Actually he ordered the same as I did. So it is apple, carrot, orange.

Anyways, my breakfast is here. This is the traditional Polish one. And woah! That looks good. Woah. So we’ve got some scrambled eggs, we’ve got two sausages, we’ve got some grilled bacon, we’ve got cheese. We have cream cheese with like radishes and cucumbers and another little salad with cucumbers and peppers. So OMG. Mouth is watering here.

Polish sausages. Lots of mustard. Oh my gosh. Yeah, we were expecting this breakfast to be like egg and sausage heavy. Yeah. And it has delivered.

You know Polish food has a really big influence in North American cuisine too. There are a lot of Polish people living in Canada and the US. And if you go to somewhere like Chicago you’re going to get some amazing Polish food.

And one of the interesting things when I was just recently researching about Polish cuisine and Polish food is that the precursor to the bagel is from Poland

I think I’m going to try the sandwich first so I’m not sure if I should be doing this but I’m picking it up. Yes. It is a little bit sloppy. I’m getting some sauce on my hands already.

xcellent quality bagel. It is multigrain. It has lots of seeds as you can tell. And then the trout oh that is nice. It is kind of in a creamy type of like I wouldn’t call it mayonaise but sort of a mayonnaise consistency sauce.

Yeah, really good quality sausage oh my gosh. Yeah, isn’t it good?

And there is some cheese mixed into that egg too. Yeah, and we’ve also got some cheese slices which I didn’t actually get to.

So you were saying this is a cream cheese?

Yeah, so there is like a cream cheese with radishes and cucumbers in there.

So we had such a nice breakfast that I completely forgot to do price point.

So it was 80 Zloty which is just under 19 Euros and that included everything.

Two juices our two big mains and the large cappuccino. Now I’ll admit that is a bit of a more expensive breakfast but if we wanted to make it a little bit cheaper we could have I suppose not ordered the juice.

It was just a really good breakfast. Loved that we got to try both a traditional Polish breakfast which included meats, cheeses and breads and also a bit more of a contemporary twists on it with the bagels and the trout and the salad. A nice combination of kind of hearty and healthy. If you’re in Poland I highly recommend you try this type of breakfast.

This is part of our Travel in Poland video series showcasing Polish food, Polish culture and Polish cuisine.

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