9 Bad Foods That Are Actually Good for You

9 Bad Foods That Are Actually Good for You

What foods are bad for your health? If you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, stuffing your face with chocolate and pasta probably isn’t part of your diet. But what if you were missing out on hidden health benefits just because you’ve been told all your life that these foods are “bad foods”? You may be surprised to learn that the foods you always thought were bad for you have some surprisingly redeemable qualities.

For example, a lot of people don’t know that chocolate holds compounds that are great for brain function, heart health, and your mood, and some canned vegetables can provide you with important nutrients. Wanna know more? Watch our new video!

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Canned veggies 0:48
Chocolate 1:53
Pasta 3:04
Wine 4:14
Smoothies 5:01
Coffee 6:01
Red meat 7:13
Bread 8:04
Potatoes 9:01

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– To avoid canned veggies that have harmful ingredients, opt for low-sodium and no-salt-added versions.
– Dark chocolate, or chocolate with the least amount of sugar added, is the kind that has all the good stuff!
– After studying 14,000 participants in and around the Mediterranean region, researchers found that people who ate pasta on a regular basis were able to stick to a balanced, healthy diet more easily.
– People who drink small amounts of wine on a regular basis have been known to have a lesser risk of heart disease and some cancers.
– Next time you order a smoothie, request that they make it with 100% fruit or yogurt. That way, there’s not so much sugar or dairy, and you’ll still benefit from the fresh fruit.
– In moderation, coffee offers a wide variety of benefits from preventing Parkinson’s disease to helping liver function — and even preventing your chances of having a stroke.
– Red meat can give you the protein and iron you need, but it’s all about how you prepare and eat it. When buying red meat to cook at home, buy lean cuts, and use them in recipes that call for healthy amounts of vegetables.
– While eating tons of white bread full of empty carbs doesn’t offer much value, whole grain breads can offer you the essential vitamins your body craves.
– Potatoes are rich in potassium, vitamin C, and fiber, and this is especially true if they’re prepared with the skin still on them. As long as you eat a moderate amount of potatoes with your meals that are either boiled or baked, you can be sure you’re making a healthy choice.

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